1. Personal appearance. In the case of a minor under eighteen (18) years of age, the application may be made for the minor by a person who, in the opinion of the consular officer, is responsible for his/her welfare. The minor, not an infant in arms, shall be required to appear at the Embassy for interview, together with the person making the application for him/her.

     2. Visa application form with passport size photo (click here).

     3. Passport valid for at least six (6) months beyond the intended period of stay in the Philippines.

     4. Photocopy of data page of passport.

     5. Proof of financial capacity (bank statement for atleast six (6) months, etc.).

     6. Confirmed airline tickets for return or onward journey to the next port of destination.

     7. Payment of visa fee.

* Note:

- All visa applications are subject to evaluation and approval by the consular officer.

- Other documents/papers may also be required by the consular officer in support of the visa application.

- Submission of the basic and additional requirements requested by the consular officer is not an assurance that a visa will be granted.