Q What are the requirements for an ePassport?
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Q Where can I apply for an ePassport?
A You can apply for an ePassport at the Philippine Embassy in Vientiane, Laos or at DFA in Manila or in any of the DFA’s Regional Consular Offices when in the Philippines.
Q How long does it take before my passport is released?
A Once you have applied for your passport at the Embassy, the electronic information is automatically sent to the Department of Foreign Affairs for printing. Once printed, the passport is sent back to the Embassy for release. The entire process takes approximately six (6) weeks to eight (8) weeks.
Q What will happen to the visas stamped on my old cancelled passport?
A   The visas on your old passport will remain valid even if you have a new e-passport.
Q   Will I be able to keep my old passport after it is cancelled?
A  Your old passport will be returned to you after cancellation.
Q Will I be able to travel while my new e-passport is being processed?
A  While we are processing your new e-passport application, your old passport will be returned to you so you can still travel.