airasia pic

The flight crew of AirAsia Flight No. Z2 8293 bound for Manila conducts pre-departure checks

while the 125 Filipinos eagerly await the plane’s take-off from Vientiane.


The Philippine Embassy in Vientiane assisted in the successful repatriation of 125 Filipinos onboard AirAsia Philippines Flight No. Z2 8293 on 13 June 2020. This special chartered flight was arranged by Lao-based hydropower project company Whessoe Sdn. Bhd. Sole Co. Ltd. with Philippines AirAsia, Inc. and included 74 employees of Whessoe and its client companies who finished their contracts, 43 other Filipinos who were stranded in the country as tourists or whose jobs were adversely affected by the COVID-19 pandemic, as well as eight (8) Whessoe employees who are scheduled on holiday breaks in the Philippines.

The Filipino repatriates expressed their appreciation for the efforts of the Philippine Ambassador in making representations with Philippine and Lao government authorities for the approval of the flight, as well as for ensuring that the repatriation pushed through.

Despite having declared Laos free from the pandemic, with the last COVID-19 patient discharged on 9 June 2020, the Lao government continues to implement policies and measures to prevent a second wave of the pandemic in the country. Although mining and hydropower projects, as well as majority of the schools, had been permitted to operate, most of the hotels and restaurants in Laos remain closed due to lack of clients, while the operations of public establishments such as music bars and other entertainment venues remain suspended. These establishments employ many Filipinos in Laos, and their continued closure has negatively affected the economic situation of many Filipinos in the country. END


embassy pic

Philippine Embassy personnel conduct last-minute document and luggage checks

and distributes forms to the Filipino repatriates at the Embassy.


bus repat candidate 3

Filipino repatriates say goodbye to their families and friends and load

their luggage on the bus which will transport them to Wattay International Airport.


check in pic candidate 2

Philippine Embassy personnel assist the Filipinos with documentation and luggage checks

at the check-in counters of the Wattay International Airport in Vientiane, Laos.


boarding pic

A Lao airport official checks the temperature of a Filipino repatriate

prior to boarding Philippine AirAsia Flight No. Z2 8293.