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The Philippine Embassy in Vientiane is excited to celebrate Maritime & Archipelagic Nation Awareness Month (MANA Mo) this September in accordance with Presidential Proclamation No. 316 (2017). The Embassy’s celebration of MANA Mo aims to raise archipelagic consciousness among overseas Filipino communities. This year’s theme is “Our Seas, Our Livelihood, Our Life Source: A Whole-of-Nation Approach Towards Raising Maritime and Ocean Awareness”.
As part of the celebration, the Embassy will be releasing, through its Facebook page, one trivia a day from Monday to Thursday starting next week, until the end of September. Based on the sets of trivia provided, the Embassy will be conducting an online quiz, with four questions every Friday. The first ones to answer the questions correctly will be given a prize.
The winners, to be announced every Saturday, will be contacted by the Embassy on how and when to claim their prizes.
Stay tuned and get a chance to win prizes!