Foreign students who wish to take up a short-term non-degree course like language and computer courses must apply for a temporary visitor's visa. Upon arrival in the Philippines and acceptance by the school/institution authorized by the Bureau of Immigration to accept foreign students, he/she should apply for a Special Study Permit at the Bureau's Student Desk, together with the following documents:

     1. Letter request;

     2. Certificate of Acceptance from the school accredited by the Bureau of Immigration to accept foreign student;

     3. Photocopy of passport reflecting the applicant's authorized period of stay;

     4. Affidavit of Support and Proof of Financial Capacity; and,

     5. Birth certificate.

* Note:

- All visa applications are subject to evaluation and approval by the consular officer.

- Other documents/papers may also be required by the consular officer in support of the visa application.

- Submission of the basic and additional requirements requested by the consular officer is not an assurance that a visa will be granted.